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Rebecca Jory
Artist , Photographer & Commissioner

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About Me

I was born and raised in Mumbles, Swansea, on the Gower peninsula of S.Wales. It is from an abundance of these beautiful scenic coastlines that have surrounded me throughout my life that constantly fuel my inspiration.

I have always been a practical, creative individual, learning from an early age where my strengths lay. I excelled in art throughout school and continued my study at Carmarthenshire College of Technology and Art, gaining a BA Hons majoring in Surface Pattern Design.

For as long as I remember I have been a lover of the sea,the beach, being outdoors and especially being creative. I have built up an ongoing collection of art via the medium of painting, photoart prints & framed pictures, greeting cards & home decor. 

I sell locally & online (see below).

I feel blessed to be able to combine my desire to create and earn a living from it, I am always touched when I hear that people have pieces of my work in their homes.

My Paintings & Artwork

Within my paintings I strive to create a piece of art that evokes similar feelings to that of the actual scene.

That is, of being at one with the natural rawness of nature, the sky, the sand, the sea and the elements

and to create a feeling of escapism, freedom, harmony & restfulness taking us away from the daily g

I often dream of ideas in which to create my paintings or have random flashes of how I would like a

piece to appear. However, I also tend to just see what happens as I go along until I reach a point

where I feel content with the piece at hand.

They consist of a variety of media and I use texture, depth & movement to convey the mood.

I tend to paint in batches, using a series of colours and apply layers of paint simultaneously.

I apply several layers of paint and various other material, mainly using my hands and fingers

and only use a 'conventional' paintbrush for finer details.

I use photographs and sketches to create a scene and use my  artistic license to create a 

finished piece that is aesthetically pleasing.

I also really enjoy painting personalised pet portraits, take a look on my personalised pet portrait 

page on the drop down menu for more info...

Photo Art

I also indulge in  photography and produce a collection of framed 'Photo Art' Prints which have a vintage /nostalgic appeal, I  enhance my images to increase intensity & vibrance, from these I produce

a collection of framed pictures & portholes, printed cushions, greeting cards & more...


If you wish to purchase any of my work go to my 'ETSY' Shop on the drop down menu

or press the 'SHOP HERE' button below...

Now Available!


An exciting collaboration between myself and

DIYSplashbacks exclusively 

as  'Artist In Residence', within their Best Of British Collection.

A collection of my Photo Art images on a quality glass splashback, a splashback with a view!

Take a look now..

Please note that any of my images can be applied, if you don't see what you're looking for, please ask.

Selling my work

You are welcome to contact me directly for local orders, just send me an email to

Shop on my Etsy shop online at - Rebecca Jory Art, or here via the drop down menu, go to Etsy shop.

I sell selected pieces of my work locally at 'Cream', & WH Smith in Newton Rd, Mumbles ,Attica in Swansea City Centre , Bootys Loote in Gorseinon, The Gower Heritage Centre, Verve 37, Uplands, Swansea to name a few and it is displayed/for sale in several places... The Sufside Cafe, Langland & Rotherslade,   Langland Cove B&B , The Front Room, Mumbles Rd & Oriel Aeron, Aberaeron.

 I also enjoy getting out and about selling directly in local craft markets and fayres.

I usually have a stall at the 'Uplands Market' & Mumbles Market which are very lively markets with over 50 stalls. Mumbles Market is the 2nd Saturday of every month, Dairy carpark 9am-1pm

and Uplands Market is the last Saturday of every month, 9am-1pm Gwydr Square, Uplands, Swansea.

Awards & Achievements

 One of my paintings, Dawn at Low Tide, Mumbles Bay (as below) was displayed in 'The One Show Summer Exhibition' at the 'Royal Academy of Arts', London,

from June16th-9th August 2014.

Dawn at Low Tide, Mumbles Bay

Mixed Media on Canvas, 30cmx60cmx4cm

Oriel Ceri Richards 'Winter Exhibition' Taliesin Arts Centre

A number of  my paintings were chosen to be displayed  in the winter exhibition at 'Oriel Ceri Richards' at the Taliesin Arts Centre at Swansea University in Dec. 2013 and I am pleased to say they all sold.  I was also invited to enter more for christmas 2014, 2015 & currently on display for 2016.


In 2013 I won a Collaborative Research Award within the Research as Art Competition 2013 , Swansea University Reasearch Forum. I teamed up with a psychology PhD researcher and used my photography skills to create a picture to summarize her research in an artistic manner.

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