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Vintage Nostalgia Collection
Small Wooden Framed Photo Art (25cmx25cm)
Here is my current collection of nostalgic framed photographic coastal scenes and landmarks
of Gower and nearby places.
These images are singularly printed, pasted, inner mounted & signed to create an overall vintage /nostalgic effect.
They are framed using quality wooden custom made frames with an off white finish and a textured white mount.
All prints are available in small & large sized frames and custom sizes on request.

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Langland Huts

Langland Huts overlook Langland Bay on the Gower coast of S.Wales.

​Available in either a white or black box frame 25cmx25cm



The Original Lifeboat House

The Original Lifeboat House, situated at the end of Mumbles Pier, on the Gower coast of S.Wales. 



The Original Langland Cafe

Many will remember 'The Original Langland Cafe' at Langland Bay

on the Gower coast of S.Wales. It was well loved by surfers, locals & visitors. It is still there but has a new look as you can see in my 'Surfside Cafe, Langland Bay' edition.


Rhossili Bay 

Voted one of the best beaches in Europe, situated on the Gower coast of S.Wales. Rhossili Bay is breathtaking, with its 3 mile long sandy beach and is overlooked by the Old Rectory, the most popular National Trust holiday cottage. Visible on the beach at low tide are the remains  of the Helvitia, a ship wrecked in 1887.



Mumbles Lighthouse

Looking out towards Mumbles Lighthouse from Mumbles Pier on the Gower coast, S.Wales. For over 200years the Mumbles Lighthouse has guided vessels along the coast and into Swansea Bay, past the hazards of the Mixon Shoal half a mile to the south.


Caswell Bay 

The picturesque Caswell Bay viewed from the cliff  path from Brandy Cove on the Gower coast.


Boats Ashore at Mumbles

'The Antelope' boat ashore on Mumbles Promenade. It's a regular scene and a boat full of wonderful character. I 

Available in either a White or black frame 23cmx23cmx4cm.


Langland Bay (Looking Inland)

A full view of the well loved Langland Bay from the cliff path which leads around to Caswell Bay.


Caswell Bay (looking out to sea)

A well loved family beach with hidden caves on the Gower coast. The bay has been a very popular resort for bathers since Victorian times, where many day trips were organised for underprivileged workhouse children as well as visits by the Vivian family.


Pwll Du Bay

A beautiful, tranquil & secluded bay overlooked by only a couple of houses.Pwll Du  neighbours Brandy Cove.There is a cliff path that runs between the two which at points gets a little narrow and rocky but a fantastic view to be seen.


The Big Apple, Mumbles

This quirky kiosk was built in the 1930's and sits on the corner of Mumbles road between the pier and Bracelet bay.


Three Cliffs Bay

A beautiful sandy bay on the south coast of the Gower peninsula. It takes its name from these 3 cliffs that jut out into the bay. Pennard Pill, a large stream, flows into the sea in the middle of the bay .Pennard castle is also situated on the cliff as you walk down to the bay.


The Tivoli, Mumbles

The Tivoli Amusements sign of Mumbles village, an iconic building

of the village which has been recently renovated but holds good memories for many.


The Hole In The Wall, Langland Bay

The quirky little cafe at Langland Bay appropriatly named 'The Hole In The Wall'.



Cinderella's was the name of the nightclub at the edge of the cliff at Mumbles pier which was well loved by all its locals and visitors for the many years it ran. Some would scale the steep cliff face to get in to avoid the queues although most got caught!


Worms Head

Historically named 'Wurm' meaning 'dragon' by viking invaders. Worms Head is shaped like a giant sea serpent and marks the most westerly tip of Gower. Dylan Thomas used to regularly visit Worms Head and wrote about it in his short story 'Who Do You Wish Was With Us?'


Pennard Castle

Pennard castle is a ruined  castle , built around the 13h century. It overlooks Three Cliffs valley and the bay beyond.Some say it is haunted by the ghost of an old winged witch who bewitches anyone who sleeps there overnight.


The Donkey Rock, Rotherslade Bay

Rotherslade sits to the east of Langland Bay and they meet at Low Tide. Its large rock is known locally as 'The Donkey Rock' as they used to walk the donkeys around the rock for rides.


Mumbles Lighthouse (from Mumbles Pier)

A closer image of the Mumbles Lighthouse which has be in operation for over 200 years.


Mumbles Village

Looking down on the wonderful little village of Mumbles out towards Mumbles Pier and Lighthouse.


Cj's, Mumbles

A Restaurant favoured by plenty in its time! Many a cocktail has been drunk and many a burger devoured in these premises. A lot of singing & dancing on the tables and many a happy memory created.

Whatever happened to the fisherman on the roof? I think it went on a few nights over the years!


Mewslade Bay

Mewslade Bay is unspoilt and has dramatic scenery all around. The path that leads down to the bay is beautiful and almost leads you into a era of years gone by. It's Truly outstanding.


Looking Down UponThree Cliffs Bay 

Three Cliffs is a well loved bay of Gower known for its 3

cliffs which jut out to sea. The view here is from way above on a beautiful misty summer morning.


Monkeying Around at Mumbles Pier

Nansi the Gorilla on Mumbles Pier looking out to Mumbles Lighthouse. Nansi started life out as Norman before being kidnapped by boat and under went a gender change.


Surfside Cafe at Langland Bay

The Surfside cafe as it is today. Situated on the pebble shore, it's the perfect cwtch in the winter for coffee & cake with friends and family or grab yourself a cooling ice-cream in summer time but always a perfect surf look out all year round.The Surfside is always worth a visit for 

locals and visitors, highly recommended!


Langland Bay (Signpost)

A well loved beach by surfers, walkers and bathers between Caswell Bay and Rotherslade Bay. When the tide is out it's only a short walk to Rotherslade and in the opposite direction a slightly longer walk around the cliff path to Caswell. It is also home to the the cosy Surfside Cafe which is well worth a visit.


Forte's Ice Cream Parlour

Forte's Ice cream parlour sits overlooking Limeslade Bay at

the end of the coastal path leading from Rotherslade Bay on

the Gower coast of S.Wales. It has been trading for over 

75 years and keeps some of its original vintage features and



Joe's Ice Cream

Everyone LOVES Joe's ice cream, whether youre a local or visitor and Mumbles isn't Mumbles without a Joe's, you will never know unless you try it for yourself...


Crawley Woods Swing

This is the famous swing which leads down from Beynon's Campsite in Nicholaston into Crawley woods down into the unspoilt beaches of Crawley, Tor & Oxwich Bay where there are golden sands and  has dramatic scenery all around. Well worth a visit. It's Truly outstanding.


Bentley's Nightclub

I've recreated a sign for Bentley's nightclub, Mumbles to capture its character and decor, great memories for many.


Neptune's Nightclub

I've recreated a sign for the much loved and remembered Neptune's nightclub combining it's rustic & neon features. it was situated between  Bracelet & Limeslade Bay, now renovated as Castellamare's.


Large Wooden Framed Art

All of the above images are also available  as a mounted print in a larger wooden frame, 48cmx48cmcm as seen opposite. 







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